Silkscreen Inks

Silkscreen inks are printed on various types for plastic material/profiles and metals.

This ink used for functional screen printing adds further value and visibility to the printed materials with special functionality.

Our selection includes conductive ink for lowering costs of the film electric circuit, luminescent ink applied by nocturnal materials, scratch ink that are well-known for the peeling lottery, aroma ink that emits fragrance when scratched, heat-sensitive ink that changes color by temperature, and embossing varnish that heightens the design of offset printed materials.

Product Name


Product Data

SS-25000 Series Chemical reacting type silkscreen ink widely used for treated PE, PP, metal, melamine and epoxy coated metal panel for display Download
MSS 8000 Series Applicable to wide range of products made of Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Styrene, ABS, AS, PVC and PVC laminated steel panel