Research & Developement (R&D)

In keeping with our tradition of continuous upgrading of products quality, our in-house Research & Development (R&D) facility, set up in 1995, has consistently chalked up prestigious achievements. It has acquired state-of-the art equipment in anticipation of rapid technological advancements in the industry and is currently working towards producing a more diverse and innovative range of products.

Our R&D team has outlined long term strategic plans in anticipation of competition and rapid technological changes in the global printing industry. To realise this plan, it has increased the number of research experts and support staff in order to reinforce the capabilities of the R&D facility. In order to ensure the successful development of innovative new products, extensive evaluation on all types of raw materials are conducted and the findings utilised to select the best combinations.

Our R&D activities also include studies on print media such as substrates, printing plates and cylinders, printing chemicals and presses and their impact on print qualities so as to better assess the performance of our inks on actual press runs. With the enhancement of our own R&D facilities we will be able to expedite technology transfer from our ultimate parent company, Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd. This, coupled with our years of hands on experience place us in better position to customise different products for different markets, customers and applications.
Quality is Our Policy

Our objective is to produce top-quality printing inks in the most cost-efficient way utilising the most stringent quality control measures, and to deliver them on time, followed by the best after-sales services possible for all our values customers.

We are happy and proud of the fact that our passion for excellence has resulted in the attainment of the prestigious and much sought-after ISO 9001 and 14001 certification.

In line with the latest market trend for environmental friendly products, TSC has played its corporate role by having developed printing inks and chemicals with no or low aromatic materials, such as TK Ecopal and Palm Eco sheetfed inks, LP Nontol rotogravure inks, G60 Wash, T80 Wash, etc. Printing inks and chemicals using inorganic materials have also been phased out due to environmental concerns.