Press Chemicals

Press Chemicals like Washes, Fountain Solution, Plate Cleaner and other additives are used along with offset inks during actual printing. - Fountain Solution  is used to wet the surface of printing plate so that the image and non-image area can be differentiated. It will create emulsification with offset ink so that a consistent image and color reproduction can be achieved during printing.

- Washes are cleaning solvent for printing machine.

- Plate Cleaner is used to desensitize the non-image area and to remove oxidation on printing plate.

- Other additives available are Gumming Solution, Fount System Cleaner,   Photographic Chemicals, Ancillary products etc.

Fountain Solution

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AlcoZero Download
MegaFount Series
MegaPress Series
Web HS Series
Plate Cleaner
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MegaClean Download
Biological Plate Cleaner
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MegaWash A60 Download