Offset Inks

Offset Inks are mainly used in the printing of newspapers, book, magazines, paper-based packaging, posters and catalogues.

There are 3 types offset inks widely available in the market, which are Sheetfed Ink, Web Heatset Ink and Web Offset Ink.
Sheetfed Ink widely used in magazines, book, catalogues, metal cans and posters.

Web Heatset Ink is meant for advertisement inserts, magazines and books.

Web Offset Ink mainly used in newspaper, books and magazines.

Sheetfed Ink Series

Product Name

Product Data

TK Palm Eco Series

- TK Palm Eco

- TK Palm Eco NV

- TK Palm Eco NV MA

TK Ecopal MY Series

TK Uni-Eco Series

TK Mark V T VN Series

Web Heatset Ink Series
Product Name
Product Data

Web Dry Milenia Neo Color MT

Web Dry Excel Hi Fi

Web Offset Ink Series
Product Name
Product Data

WKNU 1021/2021/3021 DIP Process Colors

WKNU ISO Process Colors

WKNU M12/M22/M32

WKNU Newsblack