Graphic Arts Supplies

Toyochem Specialty Chemical Sdn. Bhd. (TSC) has formed strong strategic alliance with other graphic arts manufacturers to strengthen its position as the market leader in the printing industry in Malaysia. TSC is promoting various types of graphic arts supplies, such as printing blankets, spray powder, dampening cover & etc. in Malaysia.
Printing Blankets
TSC is distributing Day International Offset Printing Blankets to meet the requirements of higher standard printability and reliability.
Spray Powder
Being the leader in printing industry in Malaysia, TSC also the appointed distributor of Nikka Anti-Blocking / Anti-Setoff Spray Powder.

Dampening Cover

Providing extensive product coverage to printers, TSC is also distributing Katsura MOL Dampening Cover featuring:

- Excellent Water Receptivity and Absorption Characteristics
- Superb Stretching Giving Simple Attachment
- No Fluff Stripping
- Excellent Water Resistance
- Difficult to Soil and Easy to Clean
- Great Dimensional Adaptability